Welcome to Light Weaver Oracle!

We are a community of Intuitive Vibrational Alignment and Intention Artists and Healers committed to working in service and partnership with the Divine.

Together we share inspiration, insight, encouragement and resources to assist us all in living our lives with greater purpose, beauty, creativity, joy, intuition, and optimal health while being good stewards of Mother Earth.

We invite you to journey and explore with us as part of a community that taps into the truth of who and what we are as creative beings expressing our selves fully for the highest and greatest good of all.

We are all on a creative journey to fully embody wholeness ~ let’s weave a legacy of light together as we deepen our intuition and align with Heaven on Earth.

Priestesses of the New Earth

Priestesses of the New Earth Oracle Deck

This Energy Essence Oracle Card Deck is a collaboration of artists and healers from around the world.  Together we share our sacred messages and soul inspired art with you so you can tune in and remember to sing your song, dance your dance and live your magic!

You are on your own unique personal journey back to connecting, aligning, embodying, integrating, grounding, anchoring, and expressing your True Essence.

As you move through your journey, there may be times you feel like you can use some guidance, love and support from your fellow Soul Sisters who walk the path with you.

We were called to create this 44 Card Deck, with accompanying message booklet, to assist you as you deepen your intuition and inner knowing that you are a Priestess of the New Earth, here to Weave a Legacy of Light by being and expressing your True Self.

All art is copyright © the original artist, and may not be reproduced or copied in part or by whole without the expressed written consent of the artist. All rights reserved.

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