Welcome to Light Weaver Oracle!

Welcome to Light Weaver Oracle! We are so glad you are here.
You are ready to deepen weaving your Legacy of Light into the world of form.

Embodying your True Essence sounds like it should be easy since it is the truth of who and what you are, but for many reasons we became distanced from that part of ourselves.
Now with love, compassion, and acceptance we reconnect to that part of ourselves.

Everything we have experienced has brought us to where and who we are now.

Together we will continue to grow and bring the higher frequencies into form as we sing our song, dance our dance and live our magic.
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Welcome to Light Weaver Oracle ~ A community of Intuitive Vibrational Alignment and Intention Artists and Healers committed to working in service and …

Embrace and Embody your True Essence!

Here’s a song you may enjoy.

With Heart,
Jill Chesrow and The Priestesses of the New Earth Artists